Maggie’s First Visit to a Dog Groomer

Maggie’s First Visit to a Dog Groomer

When my family and I went to pick up our dog from the Corgi rescue in Kentucky, we did not know what to expect. We knew generally what she would look like, but we didn’t know anything about her behavior or her strange little habits. But when we finally saw Maggie for the first time, she was a wild little dog, running around in her pen, barking at all of the other dogs and her coat was very thin and coarse. The lady at the rescue, Jean, recommended that to fix her coat we take her to get groomed immediately. Jean recommended two places two us. She told us about one place for dog grooming in Florence, KY and another place for dog grooming in Hebron, KY. We chose the place in Florence just because it was closer and as soon as we got Maggie home we made an appointment for her to be groomed.

On the day of the grooming, Maggie knew she was going somewhere special. We put her in the car and took her about ten minutes down the road to get her fur coat treated. The lady who was ready to groom Maggie picked her up and placed her in the tub. And that is when it all started.

Maggie really did not like the water, you could see it by the look in her eye. She looked very pitiful standing in the water while the nice lady gave her a nice shampooing. Maggie did, however, like the woman who was giving the bath. Maggie showed her affection by licking her ear every time the woman leaned over to shampoo and rinsed the side that was facing away from the woman.

After her bath, Maggie was taken over to a table top to be dried and brushed. This was the first time we found out that Maggie does not like any kind of electric household appliance. As soon as the blow dryer started Maggie jumped and tried to get off of the table. However, the groomer held her very nicely and tried to tell Maggie that everything was going to be alright.

Finally, after her fur was dried, the groomer began Maggie’s favorite part of the grooming, brushing her fur. My mom and I found out on this trip that Maggie loves being brushed. She loves any kind of attention, but being brushed made her very happy. It seemed like a nice reward to her after she must have felt she was being somewhat tortured by the bath and blow dryer.

Maggie’s first grooming was the first time we really got to know our little dog. We saw that she didn’t like her baths, but she was willing to tolerate it because her new family was there. Also, we saw first hand her fear of any kind of electric household appliance as she tried to runaway from the blow dryer. And finally, we saw how we could give some of the love she gives us back to her, by petting her and brushing her. Although she might not have been the best dog at the groomer’s, Maggie’s first experience at the dog groomer’s helped us learn a lot about our new little family member.

Connor R. Sullivan has two dogs that enjoy grooming in Florence KY and grooming in Hebron KY for their washing sessions.

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Oster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Grooming Kit, Blue

Oster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Grooming Kit, Blue

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The Art of Packaging – Gifts for Grooming Clients

Holiday Packaging #1rrI love this time year. There is so much to do. So many details to attend to. So many opportunities to visit with friends and family. So many thoughtful gifts to give and receive. Everything revolves around people we love and appreciate – including our clients.

For many of us in the pet grooming business, this is one of the busiest times of year. The fur is flying, clippers are clipping, scissors are sculpting, and festive bows adorn most pets as they walk out the doors.

This is also the time year that clients can be extremely generous with gifts. Do you have a special gift ready to reciprocate?

When I ran my mobile grooming business of 6 vans, we gave bags of assorted dog biscuit treats. Even though we packaged up the bags a day or two ahead of time, gift-giving for all our clients had become quite the chore.

At that time, a good friend lived with me. She was a fashion designer and has since gone on to become a very successful stylist for photo and video shoots. Her attention to detail was immense. She watched me early one morning as I was assembling the gifts. The kitchen was totally lined with white – individually decorated – paper lunch bags. There must have been at least 40 of them. I had CASES of biscuits lining the edges. “After all, each gift had to have a wide assortment…” or so I thought.

I would grab a large scoop of one variety of biscuits and start dropping a few into each bag. I would make my way around to every bag. Then I would move to the next variety of biscuits and do the same. Then, the next type of crunchy treat. The process seemed to go on forever until the bag was about half full. I would then fold the tops over and staple each of them.

blog imageMy friend watched with her steaming cup of coffee for multiple days before she finally said to me, “Melissa, there’s a better way to do this. The gift is not about the size of the package – it’s about the presentation.”

“Really,” I said with raised eyebrows.

She came into the kitchen, opening the drawer that held my plastic baggies. She grabbed a plastic bag, a pair scissors and some pretty ribbon. She proceeded to drop 4-5 biscuits into the corner of the plastic bag. She tied the bag off with a pretty ribbon in a simple knot and trimmed the edges at an angle. Finally, she cut the excess off of the plastic bag top.


She had created a gorgeous gift in no time. It was simple. It was elegant. It was classy. It was a gift that was easy to give and receive.

I must have learned that lesson almost 30 years ago. I still carry it with me today. The gift isn’t necessarily about the size of the gift or the cost. It’s about the presentation.

It did not take us long to graduate from the small plastic baggie. The generic baggies required trimming to make it appear presentation worthy. We quickly discovered you can order bags and a wide variety of custom sizes.

Today we look at the items we need to package. We order plastic bags that are appropriately sized to custom fit whatever we need to package. Dog biscuits gift bags to welcome packages and everything in between.

We have used this principle over and over again in all of my companies with great success. The next time a client gives you a generous tip – or a plate of holiday cookies – you’ll have something worthy to hand them in exchange.

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Dog Grooming Bath

Dog Grooming Bath

Pet hygiene is essential for human and animal health and wellness. Bathing makes an important stage of a dog’s grooming routine and it can be performed weekly or monthly, depending on the case. Shampoo and water are bliss and any dog grooming bath is a great occasion to brush the pet’s hair, clean its ears and eyes and trim the nails. If you don’t have basic grooming skills or you are more in favor of professional grooming services, you can pay for a dog grooming bath with a local business weekly, once or twice a month. While hair brushing ought to be performed regularly, there is no absolute rule for bathing.

A dog grooming bath can be an occasion for great fun if the pet is accustomed to bathing as a puppy. When the animal is young, it is more playful and open to new experiences; consequently, start a bathing routine as early as possible. If you adopt an older animal and you can’t handle the dog grooming bath on your own, it’s your duty to pay someone to do it. Check with local groomers for grooming and bathing services in one, because they are usually cheaper. Depending on the hair thickness and the pet size, you can pay up to $ 100 or even more for very large breeds.

During the dog grooming bath, high-maintenance dogs try the groomer’s skills at the maximum. The problem with home bathing is that it could be superficial sometimes and that lumps, bumps or injuries under the hair pass unnoticed. Unless you prevent matting, you’ll pay a great deal of money to get the dog’s hair untangled. Moreover, such a delicate procedure really tries the dog’s patience. There are even cases when the coat has to be shaved off to remove mats, and that is certainly not desirable at all.

To conclude, do not neglect the importance of a dog grooming bath. You can find out what shampoo or cleaning product to use by asking for the vet’s advice. And don’t overlook the importance of coat drying, given the fact that there are few chances of blowing it dry. Consequently, try to always adapt grooming decisions to your pet’s preferences and individuality!

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Andis 22360 AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper with Locking Blade Review

Andis 22360 AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper with Locking Blade

Andis 22360 AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper with Locking Blade

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A super-duty professional clipper, great for the toughest grooming jobs and perfect for all coats and breeds.…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Customer Service Basics

happy-clientrrrThis is the time of year when we think a lot about being grateful. As someone who works with people every day, I often think about customer service and how much of it makes an impact on our business and ourselves.

It’s easy to take your customers for granted when your shop is booked out several weeks in advance – or if you’re the only game in town. Sooner or later, another business like yours is going to spring up nearby. Are you ready? If all things are equal…

  • convenience
  • location
  • quality
  • price

…what do you do to set yourself apart? When your clients have coffee with their friends do they say, “They aren’t that great, but they’re so close to my house…” OR “I have to drive out of my way to get there, BUT IT’S WORTH IT.

I’ve been to many businesses, large and small, corporate and home-grown, where the service has been so great that I was already making plans to come back before I even left the store. And it wasn’t even that they did something over the top for me – you know the stories:

  • The guy who wanted a lemonade with lunch but the restaurant didn’t have it, so a server ran to the store next door and bought one for him.
  • The store clerk who gave out the wrong change and walked to the customer’s house to correct the situation. (Yes, that WAS Abraham Lincoln.)

I’m not only a customer service provider, I’m also a customer.

I always think about both sides of each business transaction when I’m eating in a restaurant or picking out new pens at the office supply store. I expect to be noticed when I enter a business establishment, be treated fairly by someone who doesn’t treat me like an interruption, and helped to get what I need in the most efficient manner possible so I can get on with my day.

blogWhile the stories above are nice, I would never expect someone to go so out of his way that it makes the next customer in line wait (I’m not the only person in the store, nor am I more important than anyone else.) Or have the rest of the staff have to work extra hard to cover everything because one of their co-workers was being monopolized. I personally believe that when I enter a store as a customer, I am entitled to the services and products they provide. I do not believe I am entitled to receive a custom order every time I walk through the door.

With that being said, I do have standards and expectations for how I treat customers and for how I expect to be treated. When I feel I’ve received great service, it’s because:

  • I was greeted with enthusiastic and authentic friendliness as soon as I walked through the door. Did they stand up and come to me instead of shouting across the lobby? Which makes you feel more welcome?
  • They knew about their products and could help me find and choose the right one for my needs. I felt confident about my purchase.
  • The business was clean, organized, well-lit, and smelled nice. ‘Nuff said.
  • The employees were well-groomed, easily identifiable as staffers, and seemed to like their jobs. (I don’t expect business suits. I expect clean and neatly kept hair and beards, clean clothes appropriate for the business, and appropriate language being used.)
  • There were enough employees to handle the workload. I don’t mind waiting, especially if they’ve acknowledged me. A quick smile and a look that says, “I see you – I’ll be with you as quickly as I can,” is enough.  Ignore me – I’m gone, no matter how fast my money is burning a hole in my pocket.
  • The parking lot, sidewalks, and exterior were neat, well-lit, and safe. Nothing fancy – just clean.
  • My transactions were completed correctly and I was treated like a valued guest even as I walked through the door. Nothing gives you buyer’s remorse faster than staffers high-fiving and congratulating themselves on the sale before the door even closes behind you.

These are the basics, folks. We can go on and on about more possibilities and in greater detail, but the bottom line is this: great service is what brings people back. It should be the reason people come to your business, not the reason they don’t.

Remember, even if you are booked for an entire year in advance, there’s no excuse for taking your client for granted. Be thankful – this is the time of year when we think about this the most! After all, just because they have a recurring appointment in 6 weeks doesn’t mean they’ll keep it if you don’t treat them well.

Being busy does not excuse rudeness with clients – it’s not their fault that you don’t have enough people to handle the workload, even if it’s just for that afternoon. Your problems are not their problems – sharing your burden is not the service they were hoping you’d provide. Believe me when I say I understand about staffing budgets… sometimes you can’t afford to hire anyone – I’ve been there.

Do your best for each client.

Be present.

Be nice.

And above all…

SMILE… and be thankful.

You just might find that you enjoy your day a little more.

~Joelle Asmondy has hundreds of videos to help you become the groomer and businessperson you’ve always wanted to be.  Check out one of our videos here:

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