Canine Bowen Therapy in Bideford at Archie’s Grooming Salon & Spa

BOWEN THERAPY works on the theory that your body can heal itself. Bowen uses gentle muscle-releasing techniques to assist the body to switch from ‘flight and fight’ to ‘rest and repair’ mode. In a state of rest and repair, the muscles begin to relax and allow the hard structures (i.e.bones) to realign.

Bowen Therapy was developed in the 1950′s by an Australian, Tom Bowen.
The Bowen Technique is a cross fibre muscle release technique that balances and stimulates energy flows, resulting in a deep sense of overall relaxation. There are regular pauses between the series of gentle moves to give the body the required time to allow it to reset and heal itself.

Canine Bowen Technique – What Is It ?
It’s very similar.  The Canine Bowen Technique (CBT) is a soft-tissue remedial therapy involving ‘light-touch’ moves of fingers or thumbs over muscle, ligament, tendon and/or fascia at specific points of the dog’s body.

The work is very subtle and involves no hard or prolonged pressure. A key feature of Canine Bowen Technique is that the treatment is never forced on the dog – in fact provoking the body into a fearful or defensive reaction is very much counter-productive to maximising the effects of the treatment.

One of the major principles of Canine Bowen Technique – indeed any complementary therapy, human or animal – is that it is holistic. In other words, it “treats the body as a whole, without referral to named disease”. So Canine Bowen Technique therapists do not treat the veterinary-diagnosed disease or condition per se, but treat the dog, as they see it, on the day.

For example, although a dog may be brought with a condition such as rear-leg lameness, a Canine Bowen Technique therapist may well treat other parts of the body as well, including the back, neck, and front-legs, in order to address other possible problem areas caused as a result of the dog compensating for the presenting condition. In this case the dog may well have tried to shift its weight forward in order to relieve the pain in the rear-legs, but this, in turn, will affect the carriage of the head and neck, and require the front-legs to carry more load. By addressing these other areas, we are maximising the dog’s attempts to return its body to proper balance.

Heather Baguley , is our very own Canine Bowen Therapist here at Archie’s. She says;

“I have owned five dogs of my own, mostly rescue, some with behavioural problems and challenging issues and have treated friends much loved pets and best friends – some with anxiety issues including separation  anxiety, Bells Palsy, arthritis, and muscular or skeletal  injuries to mention a few.

My philosophy and approach to Bowen Therapy and working with dogs which I have been practicing since 2011, centres very much around delivering an individualised professional service that focuses on pain management and relaxation in a holistic way.  When I work with dogs using the techniques I have developed, my priority is the comfort and well being of each individual dog and my approach to working with them is tailored to how the dog presents on the day and during treatment.  

When carrying out work on people I have a simple non-judgmental approach that is accessible and inclusive for the client, enabling them to have power and control over their own healing and improved sense of well-being.  I use Bowen Therapy as a tool to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms and support and enable your dog to relax and adjust. “


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Dog Grooming Table Info ? Dog Instruments For Grooming

Dog Grooming Table Info ? Dog Instruments For Grooming

Most individuals love to use a dog for the pet. This need is even much more in case you use a small kid at an age where creating a dog is definitely an obsession. As a good deal as individuals would love to obtain dogs, dogs think about some function to maintain, especially with grooming. If you fail to groom your dog appropriately it is going to not just appear poor for you personally, nonetheless it will likely be described as a way of spreading germs as part of your residence. As a outcome grooming your dog and sustaining it at its best is quite crucial.

There are distinct instruments when it will come to grooming dogs. Out of this equipment, dog grooming tables think about a main position. Dog grooming tables are tables on which you’ll be able to chain and keep a dog whilst it can be being groomed. Inside the world of dog grooming tables much too there are distinct varieties. Picking the correct one for your dog can be quite a employment in case you typically do not do your research on them appropriately. Picking out a dog grooming table that is unsuitable for your dog will only make it harder for you personally to complete your grooming employment appropriately.

Hydraulic dog grooming tables are one type that you get among various other sorts of dog grooming tables. These tables are manufactured with an adjustable hydraulic lift to change the height from the grooming table according for your need. These sorts of tables are suitable for specialist groomers who get to groom dogs of distinct varieties. Electric grooming tables are an extra type of dog grooming tables. Tables of this kind use electricity to change their height. There are also portable dog grooming tables that are quite effortless to transport and set up. Grooming tables of this kind are suitable for specialist dog groomers who do home visits. Most houses don’t have their very own grooming tables, and creating a portable dog grooming table will allow you to complete your employment of grooming perfectly and simply.

As soon as you are paying for a dog grooming table, whether for domestic use or specialist use, there are a good deal of points that you need to think about. The very 1st of these could possibly be the ease and comfort from the dog. It’s quite crucial that the table that you select is comfortable for your dog. If your dog is uncomfortable it is going to only make your employment of grooming it harder. The other component could possibly be the sturdiness from the dog grooming table. If you are an established groomer, make certain that the table you purchase can support the weight of all sorts of dogs. If you are paying for it to groom your very own dog, go for one that has the capacity to support as large a weight as feasible, even though your dog does not weigh that a good deal. This will likely allow you to use the grooming table for other dogs that you may get in long term.

Discover Dog Safety Harness buying guides and shopping resources at

Hana Snowy Inc dba Hana Snowy Pet Salon


We are looking for highly motivated groomer to join our luxury and elegant pet spa salon in the city of San Marino. We keep our pet spa salon a positive working environment. We maintain a stress free and relax for our customer and their pets. Groomer with the adept knowledge in grooming technique of all breeds of dogs and cats, along with pets handling and customer service skills are welcome to join our team. The candidate needs to have two years experience, knows styling haircuts for all breeds, passion for pets and handle all types of conditions. If interested, please call 626-286-2288 or send your resume to with your grooming pictures.

Andis Clippers

Andis Clippers

Beginning in 1921 Andis has made a name for itself in the hair care technology world especially with Andis clippers providing such exemplary service to their users. Andis has a wide variety of clippers to suit your specific needs even with the three categories of clippers offered professional grade, commercial users, and pet grooming (professional and commercial users are grouped together with the pets).  The quality of service that comes with these innovative machines is exceeded by none and very few and even hope to compete with Andis’ technology when it comes to hair care especially with their incredibly extensive lines that offer a wide variety of options to users of all hair textures who want the shorter hair look.

Andis is known for their higher quality clippers, and these are high quality even by professional standards so Andis clippers are the real deal when it comes to hair cutting excellence. The higher end models of the clippers that Andis offers for any of their categories have a large amount of technological features that simply can’t be beat. With a magnetic motor that offers up to fourteen thousand cutting motions a minute, a no slip-grip texture that is actually on the clippers themselves, a smooth cut for hair of any length due to the blades and make of the machines, and, what some might say is one of the best features, the fact that they do not get hot enough to hurt or even provide discomfort to the user.

The blades themselves are also another marvel that Andis clippers provide and they don’t skip on the quality of their blades any more than they do the full trimmers. They offer two different kinds with a multitude of benefits from either and the extensive number of sizes that really can’t be beat. The Utlraedge line offers carburized metal for the longest lasting precision blades available, and a chrome finish to reduce corrosion and maintain cutting ability. The Ceramicedge line have zirconium oxide ceramic cutters that provide benefits such as higher durability, retained sharpness, running 75 percent cooler than traditional clippers, feature smoother fast cutting feel, and a break resistant material.

Andis clippers provide a performance that another line of hair clippers simply can’t exceed in cutting ability and performance and that a modicum can find the means to become equivalent to, so if you want the best hair cut from hair clippers the best bet you can have is with Andis clippers.

Michelle is a professional stylist with 5 salons and part time writer for My Hair Styling Tools. My Hair Styling Tools supplies the best professional flat irons and hair cutting shears at great prices and free shipping.

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Shih Tzus….

I like Shih Tzus…

I used to own a Shih Tzu (well he was a mix but mostly Shih Tzu)…..

A good portion of our clientele are Shih Tzus.

I am sure that most groomers out there also groom quite a few Shih Tzus, so they will completely understand what I am talking about when I say the 
‘Shih Tzu sneeze’.

Every groomer has experienced it at one time or another.
More than likely they have experienced it every time they have groomed a 
Shih Tzu.

Now, if you are not a groomer and you are wondering; “What the heck is a 
‘Shih Tzu sneeze’?”
Well, just let me explain.

This is a Shih Tzu.

This little ones nose is not as squished as some. 
Many Shih Tzus have very squished noses that are very close to the eyes, with several folds between the eyes and nose.

It takes a lot of concentration to scissor around a Shih Tzus eyes and nose.

The groomer is always saying a little prayer that the Shih Tzu will sit still long enough to scissor the hair from around the eyes safely.

The groomer also always prays that the Shih Tzu will not do this!

A groomers worst nightmare.

You can see why we groomers are so busy concentrating, that we temporarily forget about the ‘Shih Tzu sneeze’.

So, picture this….
The groomer holding the Shih-tzus chin…..getting their face close to the Shih-tzus face so they can see exactly what they are scissoring……praying that the dog does not move……or lick its nose…..or jerk backwards…..carefully scissoring away…..concentrating very hard ……..when…….

Like only a Shih Tzu can!
Doggy snot sprayed!
Right in the groomers face.
Right in the groomers eyes.
Doggy snot!
Sometimes a lot!
Now, sure, sometimes other dogs will also do this when a groomer is scissoring their face, but a Shih-tzu is pro at it and almost guaranteed to sneeze in a groomers face every time.
It is not like they sneeze all of the time during the grooming.
They rarely sneeze while being bathed, unless the groomer puts their face close to the Shih Tzus face to clean out eye crust…..then …..SNEEZE!
They rarely sneeze while being dried.
They rarely sneeze while the body is being clipped or scissored.

Nooooo, it is bred into them to wait for just the right time to sneeze.
Wait till they are face to face with the groomer.
Wait till the groomer leans in to scissor around the eyes.
Then…..with no warning what so ever…..SNEEZE!
A lot of the time it isn’t even a sneeze per say, they just blow the doggy snot out of their noses.

I am convinced that the Mommy Shih Tzu teaches all her puppies to do this before they are weaned.
She tells them; “You are in for a lifetime of grooming my little ones. One day you will be taken to a person called a groomer to give you a bath and cut your hair,” she will tell all the puppies. “Now listen closely. Every time that groomer gets their face close to yours, to scissor the hair around your nose and eyes, you just give a good strong sneeze and shoot doggy snot all over their faces. Remember, sneeze only when you are face to face! It is so fun!”

Oh yes, I am fully convinced of this.

If you are a groomer, you are lucky if the Shih Tzu only sneezes once while you are scissoring the face.
Most like to sneeze multiple times.

Just a fun fact I thought that I would share.  :-)

Pet Grooming: The Good, The Bad, & The Furry

Benefit Of Cat Grooming

Benefit Of Cat Grooming
As a cat owner you’ll already know that cats are very clean animals, they spend their days sleeping, grooming and eating in that order. They even try to groom us with their rough tongue, maybe they think we don’t shower enough!

Do do we need to give them a helping hand to groom themselves? You’re cats not going to die from lack of human grooming, but it could make them very ill. They live full lives out in the wild without being groomed by a human but they do benefit from being groomed and you benefit from this activity too.

First of all grooming your cat should provide you with plenty of quality time with your cat. If they are anything like mine they’ll loved being showered with affection, but of course only when they’re in the mood for it. So with the social benefits of grooming out of the way, lets take a look at the health benefit for your cat.

One of the most immediate benefits is that it helps minimise the amounts of fur balls your cat has to deal with. If you’ve been near your cat when they’ve tried to cough up a fur ball you can see how distressing it is for them. You can help remove that excess fur by brushing your cat, that way you won’t have to watch your much loved feline in distress.

By grooming your cat regularly you’ll promote healthier skin and a shiny coat. Imagine if you’d not been able to have a shower or bath for weeks and all you get to do is wash your self down in the sink. I bet you’d be desperate for a proper clean. They’re would have been areas you wouldn’t have been able to clean since you just cant reach. It’s just the same for a cat, by grooming them we can help them clean those hard to reach places.

There also a benefit to your home as well. If you’re helping your cat groom themselves then there’s less fur to be left around the house, which should result in less cleaning. A couple of minutes grooming your cat could save to the hour it takes you to vacuum their hair from the sofa and you wouldn’t have to pick up the little piles of fur from the corners of your home.

There’s probably a health benefit for you too. They’ve shown that stroking animals is good for your blood pressure so I’m assuming the relaxed methodical method of grooming will have the same health benefits for you.

You find find more information about cat issues such as training cats to sleep in cat beds over at Cat Party .

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What Would You Do?

When an owner asks you to clip their dog short enough for the groom to last  3 months.

 This little one was in for her third groom.

She had her first groom in February, a hand scissor cut.

Her second cut, in March, was another hand scissor cut.

Her owner does a wonderful job of keeping her combed out.

She was in again today for her third appointment.
This time her owner wanted to cut her short.
Short enough for the cut to last three months.

It killed me to clip this coat.
She looks so cute when she is hand scissored.

So, what blade?
How short should I take her?
How fast will her hair grow?

What would you do?
What blade would you use?

So, what did I do?
I chose to use a #4F blade.

I just could not bring myself to go shorter than that.

I told the owner that we would see how long it took for this cut to grow out.

She could go even shorter next time if she wanted.

As for the face…nothing short of shaving it would stop it from growing out before the three months were up.

Even though the ‘before’ is from the dog growing out of a longer clip, around the corner of the eyes were scissored just as short as in the ‘after’ picture.
The ‘before’ picture is only 4 weeks growth.

We told the owner that no matter how short we took her around her eyes, the face cut would not last three months.

I think she turned out cute, but I still liked her longer cut. :-)

Just a note:
I am working on the step by step grooming posts, but have found it a little harder to get my pictures.
My oldest son took most of the pictures while I groomed for my blog.
He has now moved on to a new career, so I have to relay on my husband or younger son, and they are busy with their own jobs at the shop.
It has been crazy busy lately, which is a good thing.
I hope everyone else is busy with the spring grooming season also. :-)

Pet Grooming: The Good, The Bad, & The Furry

Hair Shears As Grooming Tools

Hair Shears As Grooming Tools
A hair salon can never be complete without the presence of hair shears. Just as how a carpenter relies on his hammer for construction, so does a hair stylist depend on his hair shears for styling purposes – hence it is an indispensable salon tool. The hair styling jobs involved in hair salons demand durable styling tools which could cater the clients’ needs and expectations.

But this does not mean that hair shears can only be found on salon counters. These can also be located at ordinary households, in drawers and grooming nightstands. Truly, hair shears had been a part of our every day attempt to properly tidy ourselves and make ourselves appear more decent and presentable.

The perfect hair cuts are only achieved by having the necessary tools, say a set of styling equipment. These typically have handles and drawn out blades. These blades are available in different types such as curved, pointed, and blunt, along with other blade types.

Among those who frequently use hair shears are the male population. Being their self-conscious selves, men usually find time to groom themselves appropriately, no matter how demanding their work load gets. Taking a sharp pair of styling tools in hand, men would often go for the polished look in order to look fresh and as neat as a pin. Still, there are men who would use shears in trimming their overgrown facial hair – thick bushes of beards and mustaches. Having the shears in their bags or safety kits, men would be able to remain smoothly groomed in between rough schedules.

Similarly, women use hair shears in trimming their excess hair strands, or in order to attain a new, stylish look. Even yet, there are tinier hair shears which are especially designed for trimming hair strands which grow in delicate body places, such as the nose and the ears.

As one could see, proper grooming does not merely entail wearing good, fabulous clothes. What is deemed more important is to maintain a clean, presentable appearance, which can be achieved primarily by getting a nice haircut.

Called the Doctor of Hair by many, Stephen M. Jackson is a teacher at heart who loves to help young hair stylists become hair professionals. He is a very big believer that quality scissors are an essential component to creating a memorable look. He only uses the best hair cutting tools on the market: Hattori Hanzo Shears.

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The Pet Grooming Field – Do You Know Where Do You Fit?

Discovering the Meaning Behind the Job Titles


I have always struggled with this word. Stop and think about it. Is it really the best definition for the wide variety of skills necessary to do our job? Personally, I think the term “Groomer” is too broad a term to use within our field.

Think about how the medical profession is organized… when you need a routine annual medical exam, do you book an appointment with a Podiatrist? No. You’d get an appointment at your regular clinic, where they deal primarily with routine and preventive health care. Depending on your condition, you might get an appointment with a nurse practitioner who is qualified to treat a certain spectrum of illnesses. For situations requiring more formal training and experience, you’d see your family doctor. If a health disorder required attention from an expert in a particular field of study, you would seek the help of a specialist.

Another point to ponder… how do you think their pay scale is structured? I would bet the medical specialist takes home a much larger paycheck than the nurse practitioner or even the family physician.

Let’s flip this over to what we do. Bottom line – we’re pet specialists with three distinct skill levels:

  1. Bather, Assistant, or Bathing Technician
  2. Groomer, Pet Groomer, or Grooming Technician
  3. Stylist or Pet Stylist

Here are my definitions for each of those areas.

1. Bather, Assistant, or Bathing Technician

These folks have a basic knowledge base of core grooming skills. In some cases, the Bather’s duties may cross over into other job descriptions. In many smaller salons, the Bather might act more as a personal assistant to the Groomer or Stylist. A Bather’s duties might include any task that could be easily delegated by the Groomer or Stylist so they can focus on getting dogs completed in a timely manner.

Bathers, Assistants, and Bathing Technicians should have a basic understanding of:

  • Selection and Care of Equipment
  • Canine Psychology and Temperament
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Anatomy
  • Pet Handling
  • Breed Identification
  • Skin and Coat Conditions
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Parasites and Their Control
  • Diseases and Preventive Vaccination
  • Nutrition
  • Common Illnesses and Skin Disorders
  • Common Grooming Products
  • Equipment Handling
  • Coat Pre-Assessment and Pre-Work
  • Bathing and Drying Skills
  • Brushing and Combing Skills
  • Mat Anatomy and Safe Removal
  • Equipment Handling
  • Nail and Feet Trimming
  • Ear Cleansing
  • Tooth Care
  • Anal Gland Expression (Optional)

Although the Bather role in a busy salon is typically considered an entry level position, in reality it’s one of the most important roles of a successful salon. If a dog is not washed perfectly and dried properly, quality work can never be achieved. No matter how talented the Groomer or Stylist is when it comes to trimming and styling pets, they will never be able to do a good job on a dirty or incorrectly dried pet. Period.

Earning Potential – Entry Level

2. Groomer, Pet Groomer, or Grooming Technician

A Groomer deals with basic grooming needs. They can get dogs clean, dried properly, and thoroughly brushed out. They can do everything the Bather does but they kick it up a few notches. Groomers can complete challenging bath and brush pets with ease. Plus, they can trim pets safely and efficiently with clippers. Groomers are comfortable with a variety of clippers and blade choices. They can handle a wide range of coat types on both bath and brush style pets as well as simple, low maintenance haircuts. They have basic knowledge of how to work with scissors and blenders, getting adequate results for non-discriminating clients.

Pet Groomers should have advanced knowledge and understanding of the previously mentioned areas and be able to work with greater speed and efficiency without sacrificing quality and safety.

The Groomer in almost any salon is the workhorse. They focus on non-nonsense, low maintenance trim styles. Their concentration is on getting the dog thoroughly brushed out, mat free, and super tidy. Trim work focuses more on the neat and clean aspect of grooming than creating highly stylized haircuts. Advanced training and continued education in this area can vastly improve grooming speed, quality, and enjoyment of the job.

Earning Potential – Mid-Range Level

3. Stylist or Pet Stylist

A Pet Stylist molds and shapes the coat in a manner that accentuates the features of the pet. They have a firm understanding of anatomy, breed profiles, as well as structure and movement. They have a firm comprehension of technical skills. An accomplished Pet Stylist can apply those skills in an artistic manner. Their personal tools are of the highest caliber, allowing them to create remarkable trims in a very short amount of time. A seasoned Stylist will often also specialize in particular breeds, grooming techniques, or personality types.

Pet Stylists should have expert knowledge and understanding of the previously mentioned areas, be able to work with greater speed and efficiency without sacrificing quality and safety, and have expert control of clippers, shears, combs, brushes, blades, and stripping knives.

Serious Pet Stylists are generally highly motivated. They advance their careers through continued education. It’s common for an aspiring Pet Stylist to seek out many forms of advanced learning. Many of them turn it into a personal goal or an enjoyable outlet. Conformation dog shows, grooming trade shows and competitions, certification testing, books and magazines, videos, clinics, workshops, private coaching and training, and canine trials are just a few areas the motivated Stylist can use to ramp up skill levels.

Earning Potential – Highest Level

The term “Groomer” is just not descriptive enough. It just doesn’t cover it all – especially if you wear multiple hats in your salon like Receptionist, Accountant, and Cleaning Crew. When a business starts to grow, layers of expertise will develop within your team.

Just like in the medical profession, the more you learn, the more you earn. The stronger your knowledge base and the more proficient you are, the more money you’re going to make. And knowledge has a wonderful side effect – confidence. Why not take steps toward building your skills and confidence every day?

Using a generic term like “Groomer” just doesn’t work for me. I bet it doesn’t work for you, either. Jump over to the Learn2GroomDogs Facebook page and tell us what woks best for you!

Happy trimming!


Author of “Notes From the Grooming Table”

What?s Better for Your Dog: The Groomer Or Should You Groom Her?

What?s Better for Your Dog: The Groomer Or Should You Groom Her?

You fell in love with this loveable dog and now she is going to be part of your family. This is your first dog, ever, so making sure that you are ready for her is very important, isn’t it?

As Nancy hands you Cleo, she gives you a bag that contains Cleo’s favorite blanket), a brush, a furminator, shampoo and two rawhide bones. You ask Nancy about the brush and shampoo.

“Well, the brush is to keep her fur from getting all over your furniture. You want to brush her at least once a day; she’s a shedder. You will still want to vacuum or sweep daily as well. Aren’t you planning on bathing her yourself?” Nancy asks.

Grooming: It’s Not Just for Cleanliness

Fortunately you had the forethought to ask about the shampoo, which meant there was a great teachable moment for you, the new dog owner.

It’s true that you can take Cleo to a groomer to have her bathed and groomed once a month, and yes, she will come home smelling really clean, donning an adorable purple bow. However, by doing so, you are missing out on a wonderful bonding opportunity by not bathing her yourself. One thing that all mammals do, including all dogs in the wild and Cleo’s ancestors, the wolves, is that they groom their young. Your mother did it to you when you were growing up and if you have kids, you will bathe them, brush their hair and teach them to brush their teeth. It’s part of hygiene, yes, but it’s also an important thing that parents do for their young.

Part of the bonding process with dogs begins when you start bathing them. This does a few things. For one thing, it allows you to get to know each and every part of Cleo’s body – from the inside of her ears to her toenails. It gets her used to being touched, which builds trust between the two of you. When it’s time to clean out her ears, she lets you and doesn’t squirm away. If she is ever sprayed by a skunk, what are you planning to do, take her to the groomer because you never bathed her and now you are the last person she wants taking that stench away? Knowing that dogs tend to get sprayed in the middle of the night, this is not a discussion you want to have when you are half asleep. 

It also means that if Cleo ever gets hurt, she will come to you to make it better. Already used to touching her, when you start palpating various parts of her body, she doesn’t wriggle away, without letting you find out what is causing her pain. This could be a matter of life and death.


Apart from minimizing the amount of hair buildup in your home, brushing is extremely important in the bonding process, as well. Initially Cleo will resist, because it’s different. But if you do it every single day, something cool will happen. You no sooner pick up the brush and walk toward her and she will start whimpering, which is her way of saying, “please mommy/daddy, brush me!” After she’s finished running around the room, she will sit quietly and look forward to each stroke of the brush.

You can cancel Cleo’s grooming appointment and let them know you plan to bathe her yourself. You won’t regret that decision, ever.

Ivan’s Puppies has been breeding and training puppies for over 30 years. Our hard work has been paying off, as now we are proud to be breeding Bulldog litters with excellent quality, with little to no health problems and good temperaments. For English Bulldog Puppies, visit our website at