Dog Grooming Supplies Durable Steel Pet Comb With 100% Money Back Guarantee & Free 65-Page Dog Grooming E-Book And E-Newsletters. Use The Dog Groom Comb With Dog Clippers, Scissors, Sheers, Dog Grooming Table With Grooming Arm, Grooming Kit, Brush And Other Tools And Pet Grooming Products. Info

Dog Grooming Supplies Durable Steel Pet Comb With 100% Money Back Guarantee & Free 65-Page Dog Grooming E-Book And E-Newsletters. Use The Dog Groom Comb With Dog Clippers, Scissors, Sheers, Dog Grooming Table With Grooming Arm, Grooming Kit, Brush And Other Tools And Pet Grooming Products.

Dog Grooming Supplies Durable Steel Pet Comb With 100% Money Back Guarantee & Free 65-Page Dog Grooming E-Book And E-Newsletters. Use The Dog Groom Comb With Dog Clippers, Scissors, Sheers, Dog Grooming Table With Grooming Arm, Grooming Kit, Brush And Other Tools And Pet Grooming Products.

  • Give your dog, cat, horse, or other pet the gift of a healthy, well-groomed coat with iGroom’s premium pet grooming comb. Well-groomed pets are simply happier and healthier!
  • Made from high quality, durable steel, the iGroom comb is sure to last for many, many years to come. Because of its versatility, you can use this one grooming tool on all of your furred pets!
  • Wide-tooth section gently removes mats and tangles while the fine-tooth section effectively whisks away loose hair and gives your pet’s coat a beautiful finish. Rounded teeth gently massage and stimulate your pet’s skin for healthier hair or fur.
  • Perfect pet grooming! Learn the proper way to groom your pet with your FREE, complimentary copy of Dog Grooming Made Easy: How To Groom Your Dog At Home. This 65-page eBook is full of useful, practical, easy-to-follow tips and techniques for giving your pet a professional grooming right at home.
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Who Else Wants A Happy, Healthy Well-Groomed Dog?A Well-Groomed Dog Is A Happy, Healthy Dog
Your Dog’s Coat May Look Good But…

- It Can Still Have Uncomfortable Tangles

- It Can Still Have Annoying Matts

- It Can Still Be Hiding Irritated, Unhealthy Skin
A Well-groomed Dog Is A Happy, Healthy Dog –

Your best friend deserves the best! The iGroom Dog Grooming Comb is specifically designed for dogs and pets of all sizes and their many unique coats. It removes tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt while stimulating your pet’s skin and hair follicles. The comb’s irritation-preventing, rounded teeth glide smoothly through your pet’s coat giving it a gentle massage.

Unleash your pet’s beauty – This special double sided comb li

List Price: $ 10.77

Price: $ 10.77

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Massaging Spa Treatments for Dogs in Bideford

Here’s Summer, a gorgeous girl who loves the surfing life style! She’s a happy, healthy lady but does suffer from arthritis and has found herself slowing down and stiffening up lately.

So she came to the salon for an invigorating spa treatment. The jacuzzi bath gives a really deep massage to the bones, muscles and joints, helping to loosen everything up and free the tension in those parts. The heart, skin and coat also benefit from this treatment as it kick starts the circulation, enabling the blood and lymph fluids to move freely around the body.

Summer’s owners have reported back to me, saying that she is moving much easier and more fluidly since her treatment. Great news!

summertub2IMG_4217 summertubIMG_4216

To book your dog’s Invigorating Spa Treatment call 01237 474333 or use the booking form.

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Dog Grooming At Home Tips: Coat Control

Dog Grooming At Home Tips: Coat Control
It is important that you understand the type of coat that your dog has. This will have an impact on the type of grooming that you do and the type of brush or scissors that you need. The German Shepherd, as an example, has a dense, fairly coarse coat that requires daily brushing with a special brush for double coats, but tend not to need their fur to be clipped.

With the double coat of a German Shepherd for example, you would be looking at a double coat brush. This will drag all the thick under fur out meaning that they will shed less fur in the long run. Particularly if you give your dog a good brush every day will eliminate the problem of excess fur shedding.

For dogs with smoother, finer coats such as Springer Spaniels, you can use a softer type brush than you would with a dog with a thick heavy coat. Springer’s can get quite long fur which becomes feathery if left untrimmed, and this in turn can mean that the fur holds a lot of dirt and debris in it which can irritate the dogs skin and cause problems at a later point if left untrimmed. Use a medium type brush for the body and a very soft flexible brush for their face and head.

If the feathery type fur they tend to get when their coat gets long needs a trim you can either buy thinning scissors to get rid of it, or regular straight scissors, but make sure they are specifically for dog grooming and not household scissors as they won’t be sharp enough. Thin out the fur on their hind legs, along their tail, under their belly and along their chest.

With dogs with long ears such as a springer, you will need to be on top on grooming and hygiene as dogs with these types of droopy ears can be prone to problems and infections in the ear area. Brush the long fur on their ears daily, getting rid of any matted clumps which can appear. You may need to carefully cut these out.

If you are confident and able to, you should always clip their nails, even if you walk them regularly on concrete which will keep them short. You must only clip dogs claws once you have been shown how to by the vet or a professional as you can make your pet bleed otherwise. Other kinds of dogs with have different grooming requirements.

Once you have got the basics and hang of dog grooming at home you will find that the more you do it, the easier it becomes, also taking less time as there won’t be so much to do!

Learn the best dog grooming at home tips, tricks and techniques at

Super Styling Session West Highland Terrier Grooming Tips

Super Styling Session West Highland Terrier Grooming Tips

Preview the Canine Grooming Secrets DVD for West Highland Terriers or Westies from award winning pet groomers, Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs. Available at www.lamb…
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10 Tips for Trimming Nails in a Professional Grooming Salon

30063787_mrrWe all dread this phone call.

You’ve just groomed one of your favorite client’s dogs. The nails were super long so you trimmed them. You accidentally got one nail too short. It bled.

A lot.

You didn’t panic. You had the tools and know-how to fix the bleeding toenail. You successfully stopped the bleeding and finished the groom. The dog left your salon looking fabulous and with nicely trimmed nails. You might have even painted them – pink.

Half an hour later, the client calls in a panic. Their freshly groomed pooch is bleeding from a toe. It’s getting all over everything – and they have no idea what to do!! Their back hall looks like a war zone. There is blood everywhere!! And to make matters even worse – the carpet is light cream-colored.

The client wants to know two things:

  1. How do they stop the bleeding?!?!
  2. What are you going to do about their new cream-colored carpet??

What do you do? You have a very upset client on your hands, a dog with a bleeding toenail, and probably a huge carpet cleaning bill. You groan. You shake your head in disbelief. You kick yourself for not checking that nail one more time before the pet left.

Sound familiar? Yep. If you’ve been grooming dogs professionally for any amount of time, you know first-hand what I’m talking about.

Personally, I’m not a nail Nazi. I will get nails as short as I can without bleeding them. However, I have groomers that are a bit more diligent about getting nails trimmed back so they don’t tap the floor. They routinely have to use a styptic powder to get nails to stop bleeding.

Whether I’m dealing with a groomer who believes in getting nails short or someone who is a bit softer on the nail front like me, I still have rules.

Here are my 10 Nail Trimming Guidelines:

  1. Trim nails as closely as possible without creating a bloodbath.
  2. If you do trim a nail too close and it bleeds, use it is as a reference guide so you don’t repeat trimming another nail too short.
  3. If you do bleed a nail, use styptic powder to stop the bleeding. Apply a generous pinch of powder to the nail tip. Hold FIRM pressure on the end of the nail for a MINIMUM of 30 seconds (count OUT LOUD!). If the nail is REALLY a bleeder, hold the powder to a count of 60.
  4. If there is blood on the fur, clean up the area with hydrogen peroxide.
  5. Check the nail again before the pet leaves.
  6. ALWAYS inform the client if any nail was trimmed too short. Let them know what toe it was and have them keep an eye on the foot.
  7. Instruct the client not to let the dog run across abrasive surfaces like concrete or asphalt for the next few hours.
  8. Always send the client home with a nail mending kit that includes a small amount of styptic powder and instructions on how to use it.
  9. If they have ANY problems, inform them to call or text the shop immediately.
  10. If the nail breaks open again in the car or at their home and the client needs professional help to clean up the blood, pay the bill – no questions asked.

These are the policies I put forth in my shops. If you run a professional salon, nails are occasionally going to be trimmed too closely. By following my 10 step action plan when the inevitable does happen, we are proactive in our customer service approach. We the head off all problems prior to the pet even leaving the shop with a nail that is trimmed too short. Hopefully you will, too.

-Happy trimming,




Here’s a video about nail art you won’t want to miss!


Click here to view the embedded video.



Author of “Notes From the Grooming Table”

Wahl 9160-210 Pet Clipper Kit

Wahl 9160-210 Pet Clipper Kit

Wahl 9160-210 Pet Clipper Kit

  • Great for touch-ups between regular grooming visits
  • Self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades are precision ground to stay sharp longer
  • Heavy duty cord
  • Includes multi-cut clipper, blade guard, styling comb, cleaning brush, oil, handled storage case, 4 guide combs and instructional DVD
  • 1 year limited warranty

Wahl 9160-210 Pet Clipper Kit

List Price: $ 24.99

Price: $ 23.33

For trimming and light duty cutting, try the Wahl Basic Series Pet Clipper Kit. For even cutting lengths, this 10 piece kit comes with 4 easy to use color co…

Dog Grooming Table Info – Dog Tools For Grooming

Dog Grooming Table Info – Dog Tools For Grooming

Almost all individuals truly like to have a very dog for a family pet. This need is even a whole lot more should you have a very small kid at an age wherever creating a dog is definitely an obsession. As much as individuals would truly like to have dogs, dogs take some operate to sustain, especially with grooming. Inside event you fail to groom your dog correctly it’ll not simply look bad to suit your needs, however it will also be considered a way of spreading germs in your residence. Consequently grooming your dog and sustaining it at its best is very critical.

You’ll locate different equipment when it can come to grooming dogs. Out of the equipment, dog grooming tables take a main spot. Dog grooming tables are tables on which it is probable to chain and retain a dog although it may be staying groomed. Inside world of dog grooming tables very it is probable to locate different sorts. Picking the correct one to your dog may be very a task should you don’t do your investigation on them correctly. Picking out a dog grooming table that is unsuitable to your dog will only make it harder to suit your needs to perform your grooming employment correctly.

Hydraulic dog grooming tables are one form that you get between various other varieties of dog grooming tables. These tables are manufactured with an adjustable hydraulic lift to change the height of the grooming table according to your need. These varieties of tables are suitable for qualified groomers who get to groom dogs of different sorts. Electric grooming tables are a single more form of dog grooming tables. Tables of the form use electricity to change their height. You’ll locate also portable dog grooming tables that are very easy to transport and setup. Grooming tables of the form are suitable for qualified dog groomers who do home visits. Almost all houses don’t have their personal grooming tables, and creating a portable dog grooming table will enable you to perform your employment of grooming perfectly and effortlessly.

After you are purchasing a dog grooming table, regardless of whether for domestic use or qualified use, it is probable to locate a whole good deal of issues that you ought to consider. The 1st of these may possibly be the comfort and easiness of the dog. It’s very critical that the table that you decide on is comfortable to the dog. In case your dog is uncomfortable it’ll only make your employment of grooming it harder. The other component may possibly be the sturdiness of the dog grooming table. Inside event you are a specialist groomer, be sure that the table you acquire can assistance the weight of all varieties of dogs. Inside event you are acquiring it to groom your personal dog, go for one that has the capacity to assistance as significant a weight as probable, even though your dog will not weigh that much. This can enable a single to use the grooming table for other dogs that you could get in long term.

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