Dog groomers can help spot flea problems before they spread

Dog groomers can help spot flea problems before they spread

In the warmer parts of the United States and even in the milder areas of the country, fleas are still a huge problem. As the winter frost sets in, many of these pesky critters move indoors and are much more aggressive at this time of year. While keeping up with your flea prevention products is wise during the winter, taking a regular trip to the dog groomer can improve your dog’s overall well-being, and he may be able to spot the initial signs of a flea infestation, so you can act accordingly.


Many dog groomers know the tell-tale signs of an infestation, and can spot fleas, eggs, larvae and their leftover filth as soon as they begin washing your pooch. Additionally, a groomer may also be able to notice flea bites, which can only be found at the skin level and could be a sign of a bigger problem in your household. Most professionals also have flea shampoo and other anti-flea products that will begin the process of eliminating these insects, so making an appointment is a wise choice for any pet owner during the winter.


A groomer’s helpful eye could also come in handy to find any hot spots or signs of dry skin that may be apparent. This could be an indicator of allergies, poor nutrition and countless other factors that a trained eye can pick out. Simply put, grooming is a necessary factor in your canine’s overall health, and it comes with its own unique benefits.


Of course, you don’t want to deal with the embarrassment of bringing a flea-ridden pooch to your local groomer, so be sure to keep up with your monthly flea treatments. Hartz UltraGuard Pro Flea and Tick Drops are applied at the skin level in between your dog’s shoulder blades and dispensed down the length of his back to the tail. This will kill fleas at any stage of their life cycle, as well as ticks and mosquitoes on contact for up to 30 days. This simple procedure will spare your four-legged friend and your home from the risk of a flea infestation.


Visiting your groomer can be a worthy complement to your flea care, and it could be a crucial step in spotting and eliminating fleas and their larvae before they have a chance to spread to the rest of your home.  






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Protective Winter Pedicure for Dogs


Bring those four legs in for a nurturing foot care treatment and protect those precious paws against the elements.

Pedicure includes, deep-cleansing fizzy foot bath; hair and mat removal between toes; neat foot trim; nail trim and protective foot-pad wax. 
All for just £12, or only £5 when added to the Pamper or Spa Packages.

Your dog’s feet can suffer from fluctuating temperatures over the autumn and winter months, including rapid drying out and cracking of the pads in a centrally heated home. Compacted mud, sand and even ice between the toes can cause pain and discomfort. Excess hair growth between the pads will collect debris and incubate bacteria which can lead to infections and mobility problems. Our pedicure will prevent and protect against these potential problems.

So why not treat the feet of your four-footed friends and keep them foot-lose and twinkle-toed throughout the winter months!

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Safari Pin & Bristle Large Brush for Dogs with Wood Handle

Safari Pin & Bristle Large Brush for Dogs with Wood Handle

Safari Pin & Bristle Large Brush for Dogs with Wood Handle

  • Best suited for medium to large breeds
  • Brush with long strokes in the direction of the hair growth
  • Brushing distributes natural oils, leaving a shiny, healthy coat
  • Lifts out loose hair and debris
  • Suggested breeds: Alaskan Malamute, Collies, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Irish Setter, St. Bernard

The Combo Brush is a dual purpose pin and bristle grooming brush. The combo brush helps to promote a shiny, healthy coat. Use the bristle side to distribute the dog’s natural oils throughout the coat.

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 7.95

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Why Choosing Andis Dog Clippers

Why Choosing Andis Dog Clippers

 Andis dog clippers are top of the line grooming machines used by many pet owners and professoinals. They can be used to clip the unnecessary fur of the dog now and then. Different varieties of puppies have their hair grow at various speeds therefore the amount of times that the pets hair is going to be cut depends on the type of dog and the length of hair the person would like the dog to maintain. Many dog owners prefer trimming the hair to maintain it in an acceptable length in order to keep the dog tidy so that bugs are unable to very easily conceal themselves within the hair. The clipping can either be done by a professional at the dogs salon or you can decide to undertake it from the convenience of your home.

Regardless of the decision that you tend to make pertaining to the cutting of the dogs hair, you need to take time when deciding on an effective clipper for the dog’s hair. The choice may determine whether your dog will like or detest the hair trimming ordeal. This is due to a few of the clippers develop very high sounds and at the same time vibrate to an extent that the dog feels quite uneasy .This points out why many dog owners who have kept dogs inside their houses are going for Andis dog clipper. It truly is one of the most dependable dog clippers on the planet for its superior quality and safe managing amenities.

These clippers come in various sizes to fit the purposes of the canine lover. This is due to the fact that numerous dogs have different kinds of hair with respect to fullness many have got rather thick hair which means for it to be groomed effectively, it will need a heavy duty dog clipper. Others have really smooth and simple to cut hair which in turn requires a light duty clipper. All these are typically a number of the factors that a person will take into account before buying the clippers.

The single speed dog clipper is well designed for light duty work. It features a decreased velocity and a extremely pleasing design and style rendering it very easy to handle as a person works with it. Additionally it is not heavy and easy to put together .It does not warm up even though making use of it regularly for an extended time. It might as a result be ideal for use at a dog grooming salon as well as at home. It doesn’t create loud vibrations and it’s also quite easy to clean up. Due to the useful feature, it will require nominal routine maintenance unlike the other kinds of dog clippers.

The super two speeds are much like the single speed except that it’s best used on dogs which have heavy hair. Their speed is more when compared to the one speed clippers. One of the primary rewards linked to it is that a person doesn’t have to worry about the blades to use with it since it can be used with any A5 dog clipper blade. Several dog lovers who have experimented with numerous brands of dog trimmers and ultimately found this brand have confirmed that up to now they might never let this get away.

Please feel free to visit my site and learn how to get the best dog clippers.

Product Review: Half Moom Comb

To be exact; Utsumi® Half Moon Asian Fusion Combs.

 As you can see in the picture, this is a curved stainless steel comb.

It is a 6.5 inch comb.

This comb is extremely thin.

It is also the lightest comb (this size) I have ever held and used.

It is also the most expensive comb I have ever bought!!

I will admit that I had read about this comb about six months ago.
The reviews from groomers that used them were mostly very good.
I wanted to try one, but the price…..

I just could not talk myself into paying that much for a comb.

Until last month, when my sharpening guy returned our HV dryer after he repaired it.
I don’t even remember how we started talking about combs, but he sells this comb.
He had one with him (probably more lol) smart guy. :)
We talked about the comb…..oh, that’s right, I remember now…..I am the one who asked about the comb.
I just wanted to know if he had heard any feed back about this Half Moon comb and if the feed back was good.
After we talked awhile, he asked if I would like to see one.

I was amazed at how thin and light it was.
I like light combs.
I thought that I already had a pretty light, thin comb, but this comb is super light weight.
Even though I liked the feel of this comb, I was still hemming and hauling over the price even though my sharpener was offering it for $ 6 to $ 8 cheaper than other places.

In the end I broke down and bought one.
I started using it right away.


I was not at all sure that I liked it.

It felt so different in my hand from what I was used to.

I mean I have collected many combs over the years.

Some hanging on my wall behind my table.

Some in my tool box.

But, I had one special comb that I used all the time.

I could pick up a comb blindfolded and immediately know if it was my special/favorite comb or not.

This Half Moon comb felt so different in my hand.

Sometimes I almost felt as if it was too light.

I also wasn’t really sure that I noticed any difference in combing the hair with this comb than with my other (favorite) comb.

I mean, I did notice that it fluffed up the hair nicely for scissoring, but I thought that my other comb also did a nice job.

Good grief…..did I just spend way too much for this comb?

I admit, I only used it a couple of days before I went back to my old comb.
A week went by, and I was pissed at myself for spending so much on one comb.
I was also a little ticked at myself for giving up on it so fast.
So, I forced myself to put my ‘old favorite’ comb away, out of my reach.
Away from my table so that I would not automatically reach for it.

Then I used only the Half Moon comb for every dog.
By about the third day it felt more comfortable in my hand.
I was starting to get used to it.
I really liked it for faces.
But, I still felt like I was not seeing that much of a difference from my old comb.
At least not enough difference to justify what I paid for it.

So, for a little over two weeks the Half Moon comb was the only comb that I used.
Then I came in one day and my new comb was not where I normally store it for the night.
I could not find it anywhere.

What the heck!
How could it just disappear like that?

I had just used it on my own dog right before we had left the previous day.
As I looked and looked  I felt sick to my stomach.

To be honest, I was still hung up on the cost of that comb, and all I could see was money disappearing instead of a silly comb.

I looked everywhere!
I was even ready to go through the trash.
I was afraid the comb was so light, it had been sucked up in the vacuum at the end of the day.

I didn’t have time to look anymore, I had dogs waiting to be groomed, so I pulled out my trusty favorite.
I was still upset about the comb missing, but I would just use my favorite comb till I found the Half Moon comb, or whatever little Elf had taken it would bring it back.

So, I started grooming with my trusty old favorite comb, and wouldn’t you know, I immediately notice a difference.
A big difference.
My old favorite comb was not picking up the hair, or combing out the hair the way the Half Moon comb had been.

How did I not notice this before?

As the day wore on I was missing that silly, expensive comb more and more.
I could not believe how different my old comb was to the new one.
Now, going back to the old comb, I could see how it just did not pick up and separate the hair as well as the Half Moon comb did.
I had also gotten very used to the very light weight of the Half Moon comb.
 Did I mention that I really missed it for the faces?

I felt much better about how much I had spent on the comb (although I still think it is over priced, just my personal opinion)
There was only one problem…..I could not find the darn thing!!!

I looked again before we left that evening but still could not find it.

I tried to will that comb to show up the next day.
I told that comb that it better be back on my table by the time I get into work the next morning.

So, was it on my table the next morning?

Of course not, but I could wish couldn’t I?

I was determined to find that comb the next day.
I did not want to use my old comb again.
I really wanted that Half Moon comb back!

Again I looked and looked.
I moved things.
I moved things that it couldn’t possibly be under.
Where was this darn comb?
How could it just disappear like that?
Just when I had gotten used to it and really liked it…..I lose it!

Then I dropped a leash that I was hanging up.
I dropped it behind a fan.
A fan that I had picked up and moved several times in my search for my missing comb.
My eye caught a glimmer of shinny silver.

Could it be?!


I had picked that fan up several times the day before, and just a few minutes earlier, and that comb was not there!

It was now!!

There it was, nestled between the fan and its base!

I didn’t care that it had been right under my nose all along.
I had found it!

I was actually kind of happy that I misplaced it for a day.
I found out just how much I liked it.
Just to give you a small example of what this comb does.

At least the best that I can do with just pictures.

This little Poodle has an awful coat.

Believe it or not this Poodle has been bathed, blow dried and combed out.

Combed with my regular comb.

All of the tiny natty knots are gone and my regular comb glides smoothly through this coat even though it still looks a little clumpy.

After I completely combed this Poodle with my regular comb (shown in the picture) I used the Half Moon comb to comb through the coat again.

This is what the coat looked like after I combed through it with the Half Moon comb.

Can you see the difference?

Maybe this is better.

< Regular Comb

<Half Moon Comb

You can see the difference in the way the two combs comb out the same coat.
Using the Utsumi® Half Moon Comb does a much better job of separating the hair giving it more volume and making it much easier to get a nice finish.

The Half Moon Comb also catches hold of more hair on faces.

It allows you to comb the hair up and out to get a nicer and even scissor finish.

I have found two Cons to this comb so far.

One: The teeth are so thin and fine on this comb that I could see someone, who is heavy handed, using too much pressure while combing causing them to scratch the skin, or tearing the skin on a ear flap.
I hold all of my tools with a light touch, so this has not been a problem for me.
I will say that I have picked the darn comb up a couples of times and one of those very thin fine teeth have gone up under my fingernail…..ouch!!

Two: (This is a personal opinion) It is an expensive comb! They run about $ 80! Yes, you read it right.

Do I feel it was worth the money I paid?

Lets just say that I am not sorry that I bought the comb now.
It has become my go to comb.
I do really like it.

If you get a chance to go to a Grooming Expo, look for this comb.
Pick it up and feel it in your hand.
Check it out for yourself.

To me, grooming tools are a very personal thing.
Combs, brushes, scissors, and blades are all different.
Different groomers like different brands of the same tool.
I have seen groomers using brushes that I can’t stand using, but they love the brush.

Some groomers may love this comb the very first time they try it.
Other groomers may need to force themselves to use it to get used to it. (like I did)
If you are interested in investing in one of these combs, my sharpener ‘Blue Stallion Sharpening’ sells the Utsumi® Half Moon Comb for $ 73 (free shipping at this time).

**I do not get anything from the Utsumi® Company for writing about their comb.
Nor do I get anything from my sharpener for mentioning his website.

So, if you have already heard about this comb, but was not sure if you wanted to sink the money into one, hopefully this post will help with you make up your mind. :-)

Pet Grooming: The Good, The Bad, & The Furry

Carlson Lil Tuffy Metal Expandable Gate

Carlson Lil Tuffy Metal Expandable Gate

Carlson Lil Tuffy Metal Expandable Gate

  • convenient patented small pet door
  • 26-42-inch wide
  • Stands 18-inch tall
  • Qucik and easy set up
  • Sturdy and durable all steel design

The Carlson Mini Tuffy is an amazingly versatile expandable pet gate with patented small pet door. This all-metal expandable is the first of it’s kind. Expanding 26-42-inch wide and stands a convenient 18-inch tall. The metal frame is strong, sturdy, and durable making this gate extra secure and superior to plastic. Super easy to install, takes literally seconds. Pressure mounts and locks with the patented Easy Fit Locking System. Soft rubber bumpers are gentle on walls and keeps them scuff free. The lightweight compact design is great for travel and storage. Slate size is 1.75-inch wide.

List Price: $ 32.25

Price: $ 17.99