Dog Grooming Table Info – Dog Instruments For Grooming

Dog Grooming Table Info – Dog Instruments For Grooming
Most men and women love to use a dog for the pet. This will need is even more should you use a small kid at an age where creating a dog is surely an obsession. As a complete complete lot as men and women would love to obtain dogs, dogs take some operate to keep, especially with grooming. In case you fail to groom your dog correctly it is going to not just appear poor to suit your needs, but it will even often be a way of spreading germs within your residence. Therefore grooming your dog and preserving it at its best is genuinely important.

There are different goods when it comes to grooming dogs. Out of the equipment, dog grooming tables take a major place. Dog grooming tables are tables on which you can chain and retain a dog whilst it is being groomed. Inside world of dog grooming tables too you will discover different types. Picking the suitable one to your dog might be genuinely a work should you tend not to do your investigation on them correctly. Picking out a dog grooming table that is unsuitable to your dog will only make it harder to suit your needs to complete your grooming work correctly.

Hydraulic dog grooming tables are one sort that you get among several other forms of dog grooming tables. These tables are made with an adjustable hydraulic lift to transform the height in the grooming table according to your will need. These varieties of tables are excellent for qualified groomers who get to groom dogs of different types. Electric grooming tables are an additional sort of dog grooming tables. Tables of the sort use electricity to transform their height. There are also portable dog grooming tables that are very easy to transport and create. Grooming tables of the sort are excellent for qualified dog groomers who do home visits. Most houses don’t have their private grooming tables, and creating a portable dog grooming table will allow you to complete your work of grooming perfectly and simply.

If you are paying for a dog grooming table, no matter whether for domestic use or qualified use, you will discover numerous issues that you ought to consider. The initial of these is going to be the easiness and comfort in the dog. It genuinely is very important that the table that you select is comfortable for that dog. If your dog is uncomfortable it is going to only make your work of grooming it harder. The other factor is going to be the sturdiness in the dog grooming table. In case you are an expert groomer, make certain that the table you invest in can assist the weight of all varieties of dogs. In case you are paying for it to groom your private dog, go for one that has the capacity to assist as big a weight as feasible, even though your dog doesn’t weigh that a complete complete lot. This will likely allow you to use the grooming table for other dogs that you may get in future.

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Pet Supplies For Your Cat Or Dog

Pet Supplies For Your Cat Or Dog
Owning a dog or cat is a wonderful thing. They seem to have an almost uncanny ability to immediately become one of your family members. They are giving creatures who bestow unqualified love upon their masters and mistresses without so much as asking for a thing in return. They trust their well-being to you completely. It is precisely because of this that you as a pet owner will want to properly provide for your animal. With this in mind, let’s take a quick look at some pet supplies for your dog or cat.

Let’s start with Fido. Once you bring a new dog into your home there are a few staples you will want to have already in place. The most obvious things are food and water bowls. Just be sure to buy a bowl that is commensurate with your pooch’s size. You will also want to have a collar and leash on hand. Dogs love to run and play, and you do not want to have your dog go missing the first day.

Most dogs love to go for a spin in the car. They eat up the chance to stick their heads out the passenger window and soak up the scenery with the wind at their face. Some people are reticent to have their dog join them while driving. The concern is that Fritz will get his hair, among other things, all over the car’s interior. The answer to this is to purchase doggy car seat covers designed for the car.

There are a few other items you may wish to have in tow for the dog. They will make both you and the pooch happier. They include: a flea collar, dog treats, toys, and a bed.

Now on to cats, they have very sharp claws and they love to keep them that way. Along with their quickness, they are your cat’s first line of defense. As such, the legs of your table, rug, and favorite chair are candidates for claw abuse. But there is an alternative. Consider providing old Fluffy with either a scratching post or pad. Your furniture will thank you.

As with dogs, some cats love being outside to explore their surroundings. Sometimes their adventurous spirit leads them quite away from your house. So it is a good idea to attach an I. D. Tag to their collar. It should include your contact information, not just the cat’s name surrounded by a heart.

Cats tend to be immaculate animals. Whether they are an in door or outdoor cat, or some combination of the two, they will use the litter box and not some corner of your living room floor. There are myriad choices available today. There are hooded models, self cleaning ones, and even electric litter boxes.

The number of pet supplies for cats and dogs extend into the hundreds. This has been but a small sample of what is available for your pet. You can get dozens of more ideas, from the obvious to the quirky, with a simple search on the web.

Pets are wonderful for adding enjoyment to our lives. More and more people are buying pet supplies Brampton. If you are buying puppies Toronto, and live in a small space, please consult pet supplies Mississauga for advice.

Overspending Your Time Budget

Time-Is-Money-740rrIt’s interesting that some people who are so disciplined and focused regarding their financial budget, think nothing of overspending their time budget.

Let me explain what I mean. There are only so many hours in a day, a set number of days in a week, and a measurable number of days in a year. Those hours and minutes never change. These blocks of time shape our lives. They frame when we work, when we sleep, when we eat, and when we play. Yet, many people treat these blocks like hands full of cash just waiting to be spent. They forget that time is finite and has limits.

Many of us know, whether we create definite schedules or just have a rough idea, how our days, weeks, and months will be shaped. Others schedule their whole lives down to the last detail. I’ll bet you know:

  • what time you’ll get up each day.
  • what days you’ll work.
  • when you’ll leave work and go home.
  • what time you hope to go to bed.
  • your plans for the weekend.
  • when you’d like to take a vacation.

Given those facts, you also know:

  • roughly how many hours you’ll work this week.
  • how many hours of sleep you’ll get tonight.
  • how much time you have left to sleep if you wake up in the middle of the night.

Our lives are all about time. We think about it constantly, whether we realize it or not. Tapping your foot because someone is late? You’re thinking about time. Honking your horn because the car in front of you didn’t go when the light changed? You’re thinking about time. How many times did you glance at your watch, clock, or phone today? It’s all about time.

So now that you realize you’re thinking about it, let’s talk about spending it. Time is like money – when you have it, life seems more in control. So why do so many of us spend time like it’s a limitless resource?

Time is the same for all of us. We all have the same amount of time in our “wallets.” We all have the same numbers of seconds, minutes, hours, and days. Yet, I see people who overspend their time budgets everywhere I go.

Have you ever thought about what mismanaged time is doing to you and those around you? Let’s start with your health. Are you eating right or just grazing on whatever you can find? Are you sleeping well or enough? Is your body reacting to the stress with pain, skin issues, or illness? What about your relationships with others? Are your irritable, impatient, and withdrawn? Are you missing out on family events? How much time do you get to spend with your friends? For that matter, when did you last take any time for yourself?

If the answers to those questions are negative ones, it’s time to make some changes before you lose your mental and physical health, relationships, or job. There are ways to stop that flood of overspending, but like anything else, you have to be honest with yourself and assert some discipline.

Know your limits

You need to eat and sleep. To nurture your relationships, you need to set time aside for those you love. You need to pick your kids up from school. You need to set time to take care of yourself. That means you need a reasonable schedule and you need to stick to it. That doesn’t mean you have to be inflexible, but if you’re in time trouble, you need to be as ruthless with your time spending as you would your cash if you were deep in debt. You need to retrain yourself and that means that at first, there is no bending of the rules you set for yourself. Eventually, with practice, you may be able to lighten up on the reins, but until then, stick to the plan. How will you know when you’ve achieved the proper balance? Simple. Ask your doctor, family, and co-workers. When they give you the thumbs up, you can ease up a bit.

Create an emergency fund

Setting a schedule or framework builds in the gift of time. When you set time goals and stick to them, you suddenly have time available at the end of your day. No, that doesn’t mean you can start spending it like a $ 10.00 bill you discovered in your jacket pocket. That time is emergency money, like a credit card that you use only for dire straits. Use that time to get other scheduled tasks done ahead of schedule, so if something urgent comes up (and it will), like a family emergency – you can handle it with limited effect to those who are depending on you.

Become a master of efficiency

Doing things the same old way has gotten you into this mess. Are you using your time properly? Just because it’s the “way you’ve always done it” doesn’t mean it’s the best way. Finding better ways to do tasks reduces their power over you. Sometimes you do a task the most efficient way, but at the wrong time of day, and it eats up valuable minutes.

Do you always put that phone call off because you’re uncomfortable? Do it first and get it out of the way so you don’t spend the rest of your day dreading it. Some tasks can be made easier with technology. Look for better ways to do things and you’ll be surprised how those moments, like pennies, begin to add up.

Eliminate procrastination from your vocabulary

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “I can’t wait to procrastina…” I love that joke, but it’s also so true. Think of all the time we waste by putting things off. We waste time just thinking of ways to avoid a task. We waste even more by trying to think up ways to justify it to ourselves. Some things are just always going to test your nerve, your resolve, or your patience. Just do them and get them over with, then move on to the good stuff as a reward.

Accept that sometimes the answer is, “No.”

I remember asking my mom for something when I was little. I can’t remember what it was, or even why I wanted it (which shows how important it was, right?). What I do remember is what she told me when I asked why I couldn’t have it. She simply (and not unkindly) said, “Honey, sometimes the answer is ‘no.’”

It was an important lesson then and it still matters now. Sometime you have to say “no.” When you make a promise you can’t keep, it’s more than an inconvenience – it’s a breach of trust. Keep it up and your word is worthless. Be realistic with your expectations and abilities. Know when to say that more time or help is needed – or even the reality that you can’t do it. Give the other person a chance to pursue other options. They won’t look down upon you for being honest – they’ll be glad you didn’t leave them high and dry when you couldn’t keep your promise.

Know when to ask for help

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. Maybe you can’t do a task alone, but with the right help…? You still have worth and value even if you need assistance. Knowing that you need help lets others know that you understand the problem and have a plan.

Asking for help can actually save time. Two people carrying in all those grocery bags will get the job done a lot quicker, right? Just because you can do something alone doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

Be present

Being present means you are paying attention to the task at hand, not the next thing you’re worrying about. With proper planning, you will be able to compartmentalize tasks a little easier. That means that you can get things done in the time allotted. Being present also means understanding that loved ones need you just as much as those tasks you are trying to get done. When you can’t remember the last time you tucked your child in at night or thought to give your spouse a kiss goodnight, things need to change.

Respect boundaries

This is a big one. Know your limits AND those of others. Do you have deadlines? Meet them especially if you’re part of a chain of events. If you’re late, they will be, too. If they can’t make up the time downstream, the end result will be late. People who plan can often help those who don’t, but they won’t for long.

Poor planning on your part does not necessitate an emergency on theirs

If you overspent your time, it creates a ripple effect on others involved. If you created an emergency because of poor planning and execution, don’t always expect others to bail you out. Mutual respect breeds trust and a solid team. When we all work together, everyone wins.

Time can be a beautiful thing. When you have it, you can appreciate the loveliness of the world around you. You can enjoy time spent with others. You can actually be present with those who matter most. When you are a slave to time because you failed to control your misspending of this finite resource, you create a prison for yourself. Luckily, there is a key… YOU!

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Guest blogger

~Joelle Asmondy

Author of “Notes From the Grooming Table”

Grooming your Collie

Grooming your Collie

Collies come in two different varieties, “smooth” and “rough.” Rough collies require much more grooming, but smoothes do need to be groomed regularly to keep their coats healthy. Collies have a double coat of hair, meaning there is a thick undercoat and an outer coat of thinner and flatter hair.

A smooth collie has shorter hair like that of a Labrador or Dalmatian. The hair is short and smooth with a thick undercoat. Rough collies have a long and flowing topcoat and a dense undercoat. You can keep your collie looking good, no matter what the variety, with regular brushing.

You’ll need a pin brush, a slicker brush, a comb, scissors and a spray bottle filled with a conditioner spray. You can buy a commercial conditioner spray, or make your own using 1 to 2 tablespoons of dog conditioner diluted with water. Make sure it is diluted well or the spray will make your Collie’s coat greasy.

Make sure to spray your dog’s hair thoroughly before you start to brush. Never brush a Collie’s coat dry because it will break their hair. If you have a rough collie, part the dog’s hair and brush from the roots out. The pin brush can be used if your dog is not shedding and is free of matting.

The slicker brush and comb are helpful for shedding dogs and for removing mats. If a mat cannot be brushed out of the Collie’s hair, you can cut it out. Collies most often have matted hair behind their ears, underneath the front legs and on their underbelly so make sure to check those areas carefully. For a smooth collie, a slicker brush will suffice for both the undercoat and outer coat.

You should brush your collie everyday during shedding seasons, and at least once a week when they are not shedding. Regular brushing is important to remove the dead hair. If left alone, the dead hair will cause hot spots on your dog’s skin.

Collies generally do not require all over trimming, but you might want to keep their feet trimmed. With a small pair of scissors, carefully trim the hair around each footpad.

This will keep your collie’s feet clean. While you are working with your collie’s feet, you can also trim the nails. This should be done every 1 to 2 weeks to keep the nails from getting too long.

If your collie is a puppy, you can train them to be used to a Dremel tool with a sandpaper attachment. Apply light pressure with the Dremel and grind down to just before the pink quick.

The alternative to using the Dremel is to use a standard dog nail trimmer. Before you clip the dog’s nails, find the pink quick and cut just before that point. Cutting into the quick will make the dog’s nail bleed. If this happens, styptic powder is helpful to have on hand to stop the bleeding.

Finally, remember to clean your Collie’s ears about once a week. You can purchase a canine ear cleaner at any pet store. Squirt the ear cleaner into your dog’s ear canal and then rub the base of the ear. This will help the ear cleaner coat the inside of the ear canal. You can use a cotton ball to remove the excess cleaner and then allow the ear canal to dry naturally.

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(Banging Head Against Wall)

I mentioned last week that I was restructuring the way I charge for grooms.

I truly thought that I had come up with a really fair pricing structure that was not too complicated and pet owners would understand.

I was still working on this new pricing structure when…..

This sweet guy came in for a grooming.
I call him my ‘toy Old English’.
His coloring and hair texture remind me of an Old English.

His owner says that he is a Maltese/Shih-tzu mix.

I no longer groom as fast as I used to.
This dog should take me about an hour to and hour and 15 minutes to groom start to finish.
He is a hand scissor cut and his owner keeps him in great shape.
All he had were about 3 small mats.
He is an easy bath and a fairly quick HV dry.
The hand scissor should  be fairly quick also, because he has a really nice coat to scissor.
There is just one problem……

 I am pretty sure that his owner has trained him to lay out on his side to be brushed.

Soooooo, apparently he thinks that I should scissor him this way too.

The longest I can get him to stand, before plopping back down again, is about 2 minutes at a time.

Believe me, he has ‘plopping’ down to a fine art.
He can go from standing, to laying flat out, in a split second.
He just lifts a hind leg, crosses it under him and down he goes.
I mean, all of his bones just turn to jello.

Now, don’t bother sending me comments about using grooming loops and belly bands.
First off, I personally don’t like them.
They get in my way.
Secondly, this guy would still continually make attempts to lay down and put too much pressure on the neck and belly loops for my (and his) comfort.

I am embarrassed to admit how long it took me to do the finish groom on this guy.
At first it didn’t seem like I was taking too long.
I  just spent as much time standing him back up as I did scissoring him.
I probably spent too much time laughing at him each time he plopped down also.
I would rather laugh then get upset at him.
He took me a little over two hours to groom!!
He only stood long enough for this picture because I told him he was done and it was time to go.

He was waiting for me to pick him up.  😉

 My next groom went much faster.

I had her completely groomed in less than half the time it took to groom the little guy.

So, back to my pricing structure…..

Here I have two dogs.
Both in good shape.
Both well behaved.
Both basically a hand scissor job.
Even with my new pricing structure, I could not charge enough for the time I put into the smaller dog.
Technically the smaller dog should have been charged more than the Standard.
I personally don’t think it is fair to charge the owner extra because her dog won’t stand for the grooming.
He was not being a bad dog.
I truly believe that he won’t stand because he has been trained to lay down to be brushed at home.
That would be like punishing the owner because she is taking care of her dogs coat.

Sometimes I don’t think that we can charge a fair price for all of the work we put into some dogs.

Some groomers may say that I should have charged the smaller dog more because it would not stand, causing me to take longer to groom it.
Some groomers may say that it is my own fault that it took me so long, because I didn’t hold the dog up with grooming loops to help speed up the grooming.
Well, I still think my new pricing structure will work for most of the dogs that we groom, but I guess that there will always be a dog here or there that we could never charge enough for the grooming that we do, or the time that we spent on the groom.
I’ll keep working with him and hopefully I can train him to stand for me for the scissoring.
Hopefully each grooming will get a little faster. :)

Pet Grooming: The Good, The Bad, & The Furry

Canine Bowen Therapy in Bideford at Archie’s Grooming Salon & Spa

BOWEN THERAPY works on the theory that your body can heal itself. Bowen uses gentle muscle-releasing techniques to assist the body to switch from ‘flight and fight’ to ‘rest and repair’ mode. In a state of rest and repair, the muscles begin to relax and allow the hard structures (i.e.bones) to realign.

Bowen Therapy was developed in the 1950′s by an Australian, Tom Bowen.
The Bowen Technique is a cross fibre muscle release technique that balances and stimulates energy flows, resulting in a deep sense of overall relaxation. There are regular pauses between the series of gentle moves to give the body the required time to allow it to reset and heal itself.

Canine Bowen Technique – What Is It ?
It’s very similar.  The Canine Bowen Technique (CBT) is a soft-tissue remedial therapy involving ‘light-touch’ moves of fingers or thumbs over muscle, ligament, tendon and/or fascia at specific points of the dog’s body.

The work is very subtle and involves no hard or prolonged pressure. A key feature of Canine Bowen Technique is that the treatment is never forced on the dog – in fact provoking the body into a fearful or defensive reaction is very much counter-productive to maximising the effects of the treatment.

One of the major principles of Canine Bowen Technique – indeed any complementary therapy, human or animal – is that it is holistic. In other words, it “treats the body as a whole, without referral to named disease”. So Canine Bowen Technique therapists do not treat the veterinary-diagnosed disease or condition per se, but treat the dog, as they see it, on the day.

For example, although a dog may be brought with a condition such as rear-leg lameness, a Canine Bowen Technique therapist may well treat other parts of the body as well, including the back, neck, and front-legs, in order to address other possible problem areas caused as a result of the dog compensating for the presenting condition. In this case the dog may well have tried to shift its weight forward in order to relieve the pain in the rear-legs, but this, in turn, will affect the carriage of the head and neck, and require the front-legs to carry more load. By addressing these other areas, we are maximising the dog’s attempts to return its body to proper balance.

Heather Baguley , is our very own Canine Bowen Therapist here at Archie’s. She says;

“I have owned five dogs of my own, mostly rescue, some with behavioural problems and challenging issues and have treated friends much loved pets and best friends – some with anxiety issues including separation  anxiety, Bells Palsy, arthritis, and muscular or skeletal  injuries to mention a few.

My philosophy and approach to Bowen Therapy and working with dogs which I have been practicing since 2011, centres very much around delivering an individualised professional service that focuses on pain management and relaxation in a holistic way.  When I work with dogs using the techniques I have developed, my priority is the comfort and well being of each individual dog and my approach to working with them is tailored to how the dog presents on the day and during treatment.  

When carrying out work on people I have a simple non-judgmental approach that is accessible and inclusive for the client, enabling them to have power and control over their own healing and improved sense of well-being.  I use Bowen Therapy as a tool to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms and support and enable your dog to relax and adjust. “


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Dog Grooming Table Info ? Dog Instruments For Grooming

Dog Grooming Table Info ? Dog Instruments For Grooming

Most individuals love to use a dog for the pet. This need is even much more in case you use a small kid at an age where creating a dog is definitely an obsession. As a good deal as individuals would love to obtain dogs, dogs think about some function to maintain, especially with grooming. If you fail to groom your dog appropriately it is going to not just appear poor for you personally, nonetheless it will likely be described as a way of spreading germs as part of your residence. As a outcome grooming your dog and sustaining it at its best is quite crucial.

There are distinct instruments when it will come to grooming dogs. Out of this equipment, dog grooming tables think about a main position. Dog grooming tables are tables on which you’ll be able to chain and keep a dog whilst it can be being groomed. Inside the world of dog grooming tables much too there are distinct varieties. Picking the correct one for your dog can be quite a employment in case you typically do not do your research on them appropriately. Picking out a dog grooming table that is unsuitable for your dog will only make it harder for you personally to complete your grooming employment appropriately.

Hydraulic dog grooming tables are one type that you get among various other sorts of dog grooming tables. These tables are manufactured with an adjustable hydraulic lift to change the height from the grooming table according for your need. These sorts of tables are suitable for specialist groomers who get to groom dogs of distinct varieties. Electric grooming tables are an extra type of dog grooming tables. Tables of this kind use electricity to change their height. There are also portable dog grooming tables that are quite effortless to transport and set up. Grooming tables of this kind are suitable for specialist dog groomers who do home visits. Most houses don’t have their very own grooming tables, and creating a portable dog grooming table will allow you to complete your employment of grooming perfectly and simply.

As soon as you are paying for a dog grooming table, whether for domestic use or specialist use, there are a good deal of points that you need to think about. The very 1st of these could possibly be the ease and comfort from the dog. It’s quite crucial that the table that you select is comfortable for your dog. If your dog is uncomfortable it is going to only make your employment of grooming it harder. The other component could possibly be the sturdiness from the dog grooming table. If you are an established groomer, make certain that the table you purchase can support the weight of all sorts of dogs. If you are paying for it to groom your very own dog, go for one that has the capacity to support as large a weight as feasible, even though your dog does not weigh that a good deal. This will likely allow you to use the grooming table for other dogs that you may get in long term.

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Hana Snowy Inc dba Hana Snowy Pet Salon


We are looking for highly motivated groomer to join our luxury and elegant pet spa salon in the city of San Marino. We keep our pet spa salon a positive working environment. We maintain a stress free and relax for our customer and their pets. Groomer with the adept knowledge in grooming technique of all breeds of dogs and cats, along with pets handling and customer service skills are welcome to join our team. The candidate needs to have two years experience, knows styling haircuts for all breeds, passion for pets and handle all types of conditions. If interested, please call 626-286-2288 or send your resume to with your grooming pictures.

Andis Clippers

Andis Clippers

Beginning in 1921 Andis has made a name for itself in the hair care technology world especially with Andis clippers providing such exemplary service to their users. Andis has a wide variety of clippers to suit your specific needs even with the three categories of clippers offered professional grade, commercial users, and pet grooming (professional and commercial users are grouped together with the pets).  The quality of service that comes with these innovative machines is exceeded by none and very few and even hope to compete with Andis’ technology when it comes to hair care especially with their incredibly extensive lines that offer a wide variety of options to users of all hair textures who want the shorter hair look.

Andis is known for their higher quality clippers, and these are high quality even by professional standards so Andis clippers are the real deal when it comes to hair cutting excellence. The higher end models of the clippers that Andis offers for any of their categories have a large amount of technological features that simply can’t be beat. With a magnetic motor that offers up to fourteen thousand cutting motions a minute, a no slip-grip texture that is actually on the clippers themselves, a smooth cut for hair of any length due to the blades and make of the machines, and, what some might say is one of the best features, the fact that they do not get hot enough to hurt or even provide discomfort to the user.

The blades themselves are also another marvel that Andis clippers provide and they don’t skip on the quality of their blades any more than they do the full trimmers. They offer two different kinds with a multitude of benefits from either and the extensive number of sizes that really can’t be beat. The Utlraedge line offers carburized metal for the longest lasting precision blades available, and a chrome finish to reduce corrosion and maintain cutting ability. The Ceramicedge line have zirconium oxide ceramic cutters that provide benefits such as higher durability, retained sharpness, running 75 percent cooler than traditional clippers, feature smoother fast cutting feel, and a break resistant material.

Andis clippers provide a performance that another line of hair clippers simply can’t exceed in cutting ability and performance and that a modicum can find the means to become equivalent to, so if you want the best hair cut from hair clippers the best bet you can have is with Andis clippers.

Michelle is a professional stylist with 5 salons and part time writer for My Hair Styling Tools. My Hair Styling Tools supplies the best professional flat irons and hair cutting shears at great prices and free shipping.

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