How to Start Your Career as Dog Groomer

How to Start Your Career as Dog Groomer

If you are planning to become a dog groomer, this article is certainly for you. If you think that you are animals’ lover and have compassion for them, then dog grooming can be a good career for you. The job includes brushing dog’s teeth, bathing them, trimming their nails, and brushing their coats.

One needs to be precise, patient, and passionate about dogs and their welfare. It is not an easy job rather it is very demanding and challenging job. Before getting involve into to it, make sure that you are the right person for this job. Hereunder, are given few points which help you to begin your career as a dog groomer.

Find a Professional School

The first thing you need to do is to find a professional school that offers courses on different dog breeds along with other important factors like dog’s grooming needs, understanding their different coats etc. you will be provided with study books and other learning material after your enrollment in the course. You need to pay the fee to enroll yourself for the course. You will be awarded a certificate on the successful completion of the course. You can further get the master certificate in dog grooming by participating in the groomer’s association exam.

Apply for a Groomer’s Internship or as a Grooming Assistant

The best way to start is start an internship to gain some work experience. Internship helps you to enhance your skills and also you learn how to handle different jobs. The duration of internship can be range from three to six months, depending on your contract.

Get a Job as a Dog Groomer

Make a resume and mention all your academic qualifications, including your certificates and licenses you have and the work experience you have. Also mention the internship; you have done as a dog groomer. Now you need to check the local newspaper’s employment section or search on the internet to find the employers who hire groomers in your locality. Submit you resume to potential employer and wait for the response. You might have to visit the employer for interview or just a phone call from the employer will be enough.

Opt to Establish a Private Dog Grooming Business or Work as a Consultant Dog Groomer

It is not a bad idea to opt to establish a private dog grooming business or work as a consultant dog groomer. You can earn a lot from this business. However, the earnings largely depends on the area and locality you are living in. before starting your business in any locality, it is good to have a clear knowledge about the demand for the grooming services, competition from other dog groomers, your level experience and grooming practices as compared to other dog groomers. These all things play a vital role in starting a successful business in any area. Dog’s owner satisfaction is the only key to success.

Being a dog groomer, patience is always required as often dogs are uncooperative and uncomfortable during the grooming process.

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Top Performance 7-1/2-Inch Stainless Steel Ball Point Pet Shear, Curved

Top Performance 7-1/2-Inch Stainless Steel Ball Point Pet Shear, Curved

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How to Encourage Cold Weather Appointments

blog imagerrDo you live in a climate where you have seasonal changes in the weather patterns? For many groomers, the number of grooming appointments dips with the temperature. This can be a real problem if you rely on your grooming income to pay your bills!

How do you combat that problem? Encourage pre-booking.

It always amazes me how many clients have no idea what their pet needs in terms of coat care when the temperatures plummet.

Professional pet grooming is service driven. That means you must be a problem solver – even when your clients don’t know they have a problem! Thus, you become not only the problem solver but also the educator!

Just prior to some of the coldest weather of the season in the northern hemisphere, we have one of our busiest seasons – the holidays. Take advantage of your good fortune.

blog quoteHere are 6 of the most common problems associated with colder weather:

  1. Pet Hygiene: regular bathing is essential for pets that share our lives – and our homes.
  2. Regular Brushing: keeps the tangles away along with other benefits such as distributing oils through the coat and promoting circulation of the skin.
  3. Nails: they need to be trimmed and/or filed all winter.
  4. Feet: many breeds need the hair between the toes trimmed to keep them comfortable while outside.
  5. Coat Growth: it does slow down but trimming is still essential.
  6. Dryness & Static: both the skin and the coat can dry out – special shampoos and conditioners can combat the both dryness and static.

As you check out every pet, assume the client is going to rebook in 4 to 6 weeks.  Let them know that most pets benefit from regular grooming – even in the winter. It can be very helpful to have a marketing piece outlining the benefits of cold-weather grooming ready to hand out. Focus on the six items outlined above.

Always suggest the ideal time frame between appointments based on their dog’s coat type. Let them know you’ve saved a particular date just for them. If you know the client well enough, you’re going to know what they prefer for an appointment time. Offer that time to them.

If your clientele is price sensitive, try sweetening the deal. Offer a special winter incentive to book within 6 weeks of their last appointment date. $ 2-$ 5 off their normal grooming price is a common enticement to get them back on the grooming table.

Oops. You didn’t ask your clients to re-book?! Now what?

If you didn’t ask every one of your customers to rebook when they were in for their holiday appointment, don’t despair. For many grooming businesses, it is a bit slow right after the holidays. Take that down time to simply pick up the phone.

Systematically go through your appointments starting in the end of November and work your way to Dec 24th. Make a simple and friendly “courtesy call” to get their pet set up for their next appointment. Don’t forget to include your special discount for booking within 6 weeks of their last appointment.

4 Typical Cold Weather Issues Associated with Grooming

  1. It’s important to remember that coats and sweaters continually rub against a dog’s fur, constantly causing friction against the hair. If the coat is fur is longer, this can lead to mats and tangles. It’s best to remove doggie garments before they come inside. Remember, most of us don’t wear our heavy coats indoors. The same should happen with our pets. If they need a little added warmth, most folks opt for an indoor sweater. They can do the same with their dog.
  2. For dogs that are very short coated or the coat is very thin, doggie garments for both outside and inside are great options. However, constant sweater wearing leads to doggie odor, dry skin, and lots of static. All problems that can be addressed with regular professional grooming.
  3. If the dog normally gets a haircut, many owners enjoy a slightly longer style in the winter. Many of these longer styles are still low maintenance and easy to care for – especially if the dog is going out into the snow for a romp.
  4. Some owners extend the time between haircuts. If their pet has the type of coat that could easily get out of control without regular brushing, you’ll definitely want to encourage maintenance appointments between full haircuts. Maintenance appointments would include a bath using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, a full brush out, minor trimming around the eyes and feet, and sanitary areas. Nail trimming, ear cleaning, and fresh bows or bandanna are nice touches. Generally, these types are booked every 2 or three weeks and offered at a reduced rate.

Still slow? Plan for it. (Okay, maybe NEXT year plan for it…) But for now – bask in the glory of a little time to yourself! Use the time to dig into those shop projects you’ve been putting off. Shorten your workweek to 4 days or knock off a tiny bit early on select days. Or best yet – schedule your OWN vacation!

Happy Trimming!



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Dog Grooming Products Help your Dog Look and Feel Good

Dog Grooming Products Help your Dog Look and Feel Good

A part of being a responsible dog owner involves keeping your dog looking and feeling his or her best. This involves grooming your pet regularly. While some people chose to turn to professionals for at least some of their grooming needs, doing basic grooming tasks at home can be a good way to bond with your dog and to make your dog more comfortable with the grooming process. If you are going to groom your dog at home, however, you will need to ensure you have the right dog grooming products.

Choosing Dog Grooming Products

When you buy dog grooming products, it is important to always choose things made especially for canines. Shampoos that are used for people can be drying to your dogs skin and can strip the skin of oils that provide your dog with important protection. Specially formulated dog shampoos are safer and better for your dog and you should always ensure that you use one whenever you bathe your pet.

Choosing the right shampoo to groom your dog is a matter of trial and error as you find a product that works well for you and that doesn’t irritate your dog’s skin. Some pets have more sensitive coats and skin than others, so be sure to pay attention to how your dog reacts after a bath. If your dog is licking or biting excessively at himself or itching a lot after the bath, the shampoo you have chosen may be the culprit. Opting for mild or organic shampoos is a good way to avoid your dog having an allergic reaction or other problems caused by a bath, so try to find products in this category when selecting your dog grooming products.

Some shampoos and grooming products offer special features that can help to make your dog safe. For instance, it is possible to get shampoos that contain natural materials to deter fleas and ticks. When used over time, your dog may become more resistant to these harmful pets.

Other Dog Grooming Products

While shampoo is the most basic of the dog grooming products that you will need to buy in order to groom your pet at home, there are a variety of other grooming tools that you may need as well. These include things such as a brush, nail clippers and even a doggy tooth brush to brush your canine’s teeth and avoid plaque build-up.

No matter what the grooming product you are buying, you should choose the best product you can find and make sure that it is right for the breed and type of dog you have. For instance, dogs with thicker coats may require a different brush style than dogs with very thin fur and sensitive skin. Likewise, dogs that are afraid of having their nails cut may do better with a dremel than with traditional nail cutters.

You are in the position to know your dog best, and only you can choose which dog grooming products will make grooming time as easy for your pet as it can be.

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